Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hennepin County Recieves Award from National Association of Counties

Hennepin County has been awarded a 2009 Achievement Award from the National Association of Counties (NACo) for its Foreclosure Prevention and Response Program. Not only did the Foreclosure Prevention and Response Program win an Achievement Award, it also won this year's "Best In Category" award from NACo!

Here's a picture of just some of the people that have worked together on Hennepin County's award-winning efforts:

(Photo Courtesy of Hennepin County Public Affairs)

The award was granted for the outstanding efforts that Hennepin County has undertaken to assist homeowners that are facing foreclosure. The abstract from the award states:

... In response to the mortgage meltdown, commissioners formed a cross-departmental Foreclosure Task Force to focus on prevention, stabilization, and recovery. Among the Task Force’s chief recommendations was the creation of a lead staff person to serve as a central contact for county foreclosure information and resources. The county designated two staff members to implement the education and outreach of the Task Force’s recommendations which included the following: $1.25 million for the city-county initiative to remove vacant and boarded houses from severely impacted neighborhoods; the creation of a data center to improve the county’s ability to track the foreclosure issue and allow such data to be easily shared; the mailing of over 10,000 foreclosure information inserts in tax-delinquent notices to home-owners; and the creation of foreclosure mini-workshops for home owners and renters in Hennepin County. Thus far, over 200 people have attended the county’s twelve workshop seminars. Because tenants of properties are often unaware of the potential for foreclosure, many are left in vulnerable situations. The county’s effort to keep its residents informed and offer them financial counseling is a helpful tool that can reduce the amount of foreclosures and help to stabilize its communities.

The Minnesota Home Ownership Center is pleased to be a partner of Hennepin County in their outreach efforts, we assisted in the creation of the foreclosure information inserts, and the mini-workshops for homeowners and renters.

Information about the materials that Hennepin County used to mail to delinquent taxpayers... and how these materials can be customized to reach YOUR consumers/constituents, click here.

For a list of upcoming workshops held at Hennepin County Libraries this fall, click here.

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  1. Congratulations on the award! You folks are doing important work for many families in Hennepin County.


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