Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Minnesota Foreclosures - Where do we rank?

One of the questions we hear over and over here at the Center is... "Where does Minnesota 'rank' in foreclosures?" or "How does Minnesota compare to other states?"

As far as RESPONSE to foreclosure - - Minnesota ranks - WITHOUT A DOUBT - number one in the country. No other state has such a coordinated effort of non-profits, industry professionals, municipalities, state agencies, etc. working together to assist homeowners and alleviate the effects of foreclosure.

As far as NUMBERS or RATE of foreclosures - we can be proud NOT to be number 1. In this case, we are actually rank #27 in the country:

Source: USA Today

If you're facing foreclosure... it doesn't help to know that Minnesota ranks 27th in the country. But it DOES help to know that Minnesota is unique in the fact that there IS a COORDINATED network of partners that can assist. If you'd like additional information about YOUR mortgage situation, click here.

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