Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Homeowner Scam: Fake HUD websites

As we mentioned in an earlier post here, the Center will be publishing information about the ever-increasing number of scams that are popping up in Minnesota designed to separate homeowners, or future homeowners, from their hard-earned money.

Scam #2: Fake HUD websites

The Center has learned of a number of deceptive websites that have been created that are ‘posing’ as some iteration of the HUD website. In most cases these websites include the initials 'hud' in the URL, but are also include other terms like 'bailout.hud' or 'stimulus.hud' or 'down-payment-help.hud-gov'. Many times the URL's also end in .us or .info.

All of these sites are fakes.

These websites either try to dupe people into giving out personal information (known as “phishing”) or are an underhanded link to an unscrupulous broker/lender.

Because the layout and design of these sites appear make the page appear as though they are an “official" U.S. government website, it would be easy for people may fall prey to these scams. HUD’s Inspector General’s Office and the MN Dept. of Commerce have been notified, and are investigating.

The ONLY official HUD website is: and for Minnesota specific information, visit:

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