Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Scam Threatens MN Homeowners

David Kaplan of the Twin Cities Daily Planet, has written an excellent article highlighting a new scam that preys on struggling MN homeowners... especially homeowners in immigrant communities. 

The group ("Slavery to Sovereignty") claims to be able to stop foreclosure - while eliminating property taxes and even personal income taxes - by filing certain papers with the county - all for the exorbitant price of $12,500.   


For more information about foreclosure-prevention scams... the Center has produced a fact sheet here.

Here's a quote from the article that highlights the steps a homeowner should take before paying ANYONE for help to avoid a foreclosure:

"Rather than making a bad situation worse," Mr. Nelson said, "use the resources that are already freely available. On our website, we have a listing of all the non-profit organizations that work within our network in Minnesota, with services available in every county."
For more information about avoiding foreclosure - and the help available in Minnesota, click here.

The author, David Kaplan, is looking for homeowners that may have already begun working with this "Sovereign" group.  If you have... and would like to speak with the press, feel free to contact David here.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I am working on a follow up article and encorage anyone who was taken advantage by this group, ot know someone was was, to contact me at daviderickaplan@gmail.com

    David Kaplan


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