Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Home Stretch Network Continues to Grow!

Home Stretch is Minnesota's premier program for first-time homebuyers that simplifies the home buying process and prepares first-time home buyers for the important choices related to home ownership.

The MN Home Ownership Center is pleased to announce the following additions/expansions to the Home Stretch network:

  • Three Rivers Community Action was added to the network through the HECAT process for the 2009-2010 year. Three Rivers Community Action serves Southwest and South Central Minnesota. They will be providing workshops and counseling with a focus on the Spanish-speaking community.

  • Build Wealth Minnesota was also added to the network through the HECAT process. Build Wealth is a nonprofit working in North Minneapolis. They will be providing pre-purchase counseling.

  • 1st Home Network was approved as a new provider through the an application submitted to the Center's Program Committee. 1st Home Network is a nonprofit working in St. Paul with an emphasis on serving African Americans. They will be providing Home Stretch workshops starting in January 2010.

  • American Dream Services was approved to expand their Home Stretch workshops to the Northfield area starting in January 2010.
Interested in learning more about Home Stretch?  Click Here.

Thinking about buying your first home?  Think Home Stretch FIRST!!

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