Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fox-9 News Highlights Foreclosure Workshops

On Tuesday, September 14th, Fox-9 News at 10:00 highlighted the upcoming series of Foreclosure Information Workshops that the Center is hosting in partnership with Hennepin County, Hennepin County Libraries, and several other community based organizations.

You can view the Fox-9 report here.

At these workshop, homeowners and renters, can learn about the foreclosure process, what kinds of helps and assistance are available in Minnesota and nationally, including information on the "Making Home Affordable" program and meet with a non-profit Foreclosure Specialist, representatives from Hennepin County Taxpayer Services, and attorneys specializing in Renter Advocacy. In addition, attendees will be able to set up an appointment for a more personalized, in-depth discussion at a later time.

For a flyer on upcoming workshops, click here.

To view these, and other events the Center has scheduled, for both homeowners and professionals, click here.

COMING SOON: The Center is also conducting similiar workshops in partnership with the City of St. Paul, the St. Paul Mayor's office and St. Paul Public Libraries. Information will be available soon on our homeowner events page, here.

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