Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Manufactured Housing in Minnesota

New Fact Sheet Available!

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Manufactured homes (often called mobile homes) are built entirely in a factory and have a permanent structure that allows for them to be transported. The homes are usually placed on land owned by the homeowner or leased at a mobile home park.  Mobile home design and aesthetics have changed dramatically in the past few years and most no longer resemble the ‘trailer’ look of years past.  They can be an affordable housing option for Minnesotans, but there are some VERY important considerations to make before you decide to purchase a manufactured home.

For that reason, the Minnesota Homeownership Center has created a new Fact Sheet that covers:

  •  Advantages and Disadvantages to purchasing a manufactured home
  •  Living in a resident-owned or cooperative mobile home park
  •  Financing the purchase of a manufactured home
  •  Steps to take when purchasing

To view the complete fact sheet… and others that can help you in your goal of homeownership, visit the Center’s website, here.

As always the Center highly recommends that if you’re thinking of purchasing your first home in Minnesota, whether manufactured housing or traditional site-built housing, that you first make an appointment with a Homeownership Advisor (Housing Counselor) who will be able to work with you to create a plan to reach your goal of homeownership.  They’ll also help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a homeowner and make sure that you know about any down payment or entry-cost assistance programs you might be able to access.

The Minnesota Homeownership Center exists to promote and advance successful homeownership in Minnesota… speak with a Homeownership Advisor today so that YOU can be successful in the purchase of your first home.  Counseling services are FREE and confidential.

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