Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Shopping For A Mortgage

According to a LendingTree/Harris Interactive survey released on December 14th, about 40% of recent home buyers obtained JUST ONE mortgage loan quote before purchasing their home.

According to the survey of just over 1,300 buyers, 70 percent of borrowers find shopping for a mortgage frustrating, citing the complexity of the terms as the number one reason people choose not to 'mortgage shop'.

The survey also reveals that although buyers recognize that their mortgage choice is a decision that will affect them financially for the next 15 – 30 years (or more!), nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of homeowners spent less than eight hours shopping for their home loan. Even more shocking? One in ten spent less than TWO MINUTES shopping for their loan.

In Minnesota... buyers have the opportunity to take a Home Stretch workshop, the homebuyer workshop recognized nationally as a proven tool to prepare homebuyers to be successful homeowners.  There is an entire section of the Home Stretch workshop dedicated to fully understanding mortgage loan terminology, how to shop for a loan, how credit affects loan payments and how to avoid being taken advantage of when choosing a loan.

In a forthcoming report from the MN Home Ownership Center, Home Stretch participants reported that help with understanding mortgages and the loan process was the MOST HELPFUL part of the workshop.  One more fact (just in case you're not convinced yet)... NINETY-FIVE PERCENT of Home Stretch participants reported that their participation in Home Stretch will help in the process of buying a home.

Are you thinking of purchasing a home in Minnesota?  You can learn more about the mortgage loan process - - and the entire home buying process by taking a Home Stretch workshop.  For more information, click here.

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