Thursday, March 25, 2010

Even Princes Have To Pay Property Taxes

According to tax records in Carver County, Minnesota's famed musical artist formerly-known-as, and now known again as, PRINCE, is delinquent on his state tax liabilities.

The Associated Press has reported that Prince's company (PRN Music Corp.) owes over $227,000 to local tax agencies, in addition to his personal tax obligations.

PRN Music houses Prince's "Paisley Park Studios" in Chanhassen. County records also list several other properties under his full name, Prince R. Nelson, as delinquent.

According to the AP, the outstanding amount Prince and PRN music owe is about $450,000!

As the Center has highlighted repeatedly... not only can a lien holder (mortgage holder) foreclose on a property... counties can too!  If Prince and/or PRN music don't pay their back property taxes, the county does have "seizure authority" and can seize the properties in order to sell them to recover owed taxes.

While the Center can't help PRN music with their taxes, it is conceivable that one of our Foreclosure Counselors may be able to assist Prince IF the property that he owes taxes on is his primary residence.  There are no income minimums or maximums to receive counseling.  And counselors can offer information and assistance to ANYONE - even Prince - if they are struggling with mortgage payments or property tax payments on their home.

If Prince (or you) would like to speak with a FREE, non-profit Housing Counselor, visit the MN Home Ownership Center's website here

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