Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Event Reminders

Just a short post to remind everyone about the upcoming events that the Center is either hosting or will be present at:

For Professionals:

  • Foreclosure Prevention Information Training for professionals working in Minnesota's SE Asian Communities. Last day to register! More info, click here.
  • Emerging Markets Homeownership Initiative Third Annual Summit and Entry Cost Assistance Matrix Training. Space is limited! More info, click here.

For Homebuyers:

  • Before you buy... Think HomeStretch! Homebuyer education and counseling that covers, start to finish, EVERYTHING that's involved in becoming a homeowner. Understand your rights and responsibilities throughout the entire process. More info, click here.
  • Thinking of buying in Minneapolis? Join us at the City's Housing fair(s) - TWO DATES - 10/20 and 10/21. More info here.

For Homeowners:

  • Stuggling with payments? You don't have to wait for an event... you can contact a FREE, non-profit Foreclosure Specialist today. Click here.
  • Like to learn more about foreclosure in Minnesota - and the help and assistance that is available to Minnesota residents? Learn more at a confidential workshop at your local library. Additional information here.
  • Live in Minneapolis? You can also visit the one of the City's two housing fairs (Tuesday October 20 and Wednesday, October 21) to learn more. More info here.

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