Friday, July 10, 2009 Highlights Minnesota's Innovations, is an online guide to state and local housing policy developed and maintained by the Center for Housing Policy, the research affiliate of the National Housing Conference. They focus on compiling and disseminating information of value to governmental agencies and housing policy specialists.

The most recent addition to their PolicyLink Toolkit: Reclaiming Foreclosed Properties for Community Benefit, highlights three parts of the country that are doing some innovative things to return previously vacant and foreclosed properties to productive use.

The areas they highlight for best practices in their latest report are Providence, RI; Cleveland, OH and... The Twin Cities! The guide/report highlights the work of the MN Foreclosure Partners Council, which the Minnesota Home Ownership Center is a part of.

The full guide is available here.

The 'money quote' is found on page 67:


Minnesota officials recognized the scale of the foreclosure problem before most of the nation’s experts and took quick action. The Minnesota Foreclosure Partners Council is an extraordinary example of organizations and government working together on a statewide basis to solve important issues. Their work is both visionary and grounded, focusing on innovative financing, buyer incentives and quick, strategic acquisition of REO properties as pilot communities for the National Community Stabilization Trust’s First Look program. Their efforts send a powerful message to funders and organizations looking for worthy projects to invest in.

The Center is proud to be a part of the MN Foreclosure Partners Council... and to be working to help Minnesota families - - and our communities recover from the foreclosure crisis.

Do you work for a City, County or other municipality? Would you like help in getting the word out to YOUR constituents about the availability of FREE, High Quality, Non-Biased Foreclosure Prevention Counseling? Contact Ed Nelson at the Center for information on flyers and postcards that can be co-branded with YOUR information.

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