Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Center Earns Charities Review Council "Meets All Standards" Seal

The Minnesota Home Ownership Center is proud to announce that it has been awarded the Charities Review Council “Meets All Standards” Seal indicating that it meets all sixteen of the Council’s Accountability Standards!

The Charities Review Council evaluates nonprofit organizations in Minnesota in four critical areas:

  • Public Disclosure
  • Governance
  • Financial Activity, and
  • Fundraising.
By participating in the evaluation/review, nonprofit organizations, like the Center, can demonstrate responsibility, integrity and transparency to their constituents, funders and partners.

The Center is pleased to be listed as a reviewed organization on the online Giving Guide of the Council’s Smart Givers Network, www.smartgivers.org and the Council’s Smart Giver newsletter distributed to more than 18,000 subscribers in Minnesota.

A detailed report on the Center's activities and the results of the Charities Review Council's Accountability Review can be found here: http://www.smartgivers.org/SmartGiversReview/411741817.html

We've added the "Meets All Standards" seal to the sidebar of the blog, which links to the Center's results page on the SmartGivers website.

UPDATE: Interested in financially supporting the Center? Visit our donation page here.

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